The Port Ruighe – A Review Of a Talisker Scotch

The great long adventure of tracking down, the Talisker Port Ruighe came to an end. I could not find it in a bar to try. So for the adventure, I dived in and bought myself a bottle. I didn’t know what I was in for. My experience for a port cask finish, has been only in the Highland variety.


On the nose:  Strong fruit, entangled delicately in wood smoke. It brings me back to smells of standing by the seaside in the U.K. There is a hint of the smells of full bodied merlot, isn’t that a surprise, but that must be the double maturation in port casks. Haha definitely a steam trains smoke, over the smells of a diesel engine. Then again, maybe it is more the smoke from a fireplace, on a winters night.

On the tongue: Dark cherries, fruity and merlot. Quite a fruity sweetness. A little bit of fire, but it is quickly overtaken by a gentle smoothness. The peat tastes more of an after thought, behind the fruit. There is such complexities of flavour. Many flavours come together in the end, to finish on a note of red berries and gentle wood smoke.

I am glad to have bought this drop. Can highly recommend, to someone wanting something more complex or if you are perhaps a beginner to peated scotches, this one might be for you.

* All experience and opinions are my own, in no affiliation to any work or occupation.
Your experiences may also be completely different to mine, as drinks are all personal

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