The Unboxing

The unboxing begins! Zenbook UX390UA. For months, I have been exhausted carrying my 15″ Zenbook U500VZ. Back and forth from uni. Day in day out. Otherwise lugging it, when I’m out and about writing. No more!




Snazzy little pouch to carry the Zenbook around. That’s a nifty little bonus. Lifting that up, here it is tucked away. The Zenbook!



Lovely set out. It’s an absolute maze of compartments in this box.


Got that swanky little sleeve to carry the laptop in. The charger, ooo an adaptor for USB C (HMDI, USB C and standard USB port) nice and handy. Oh sweet, a little microfiber cloth to clean the screen. A real box of goodies.


Here we have it, the Zenbook UX390UA. Can just hear a choir making that ahhhh sound (I could add in me in making that noise, but I’d sound like I was strangling a cat).


I think this is great. With only Intel HD 620 graphics I think there is no way to play games, so no writing distractions (Well it probably can do it… But I’m going to pretend it can’t, because this is just for writing/work). There is an Intel I7 U, with 8GB of DDR3 in it, so no computer lag! Haha I think it was a prerequisite, because I have known people with little netbooks, that really struggled with lag doing basic things.

In comparison to my bigger laptop which weighs in at 2.2kg, this tiny 12.5″ is a mere 910grams and thin as thin. I think something ridiculous like 11.9mm thin. I mean look at the Zenbook UX390UA against its older 15″ relative the Zenbook U500VZ.

DSC_0117DSC_0120 The lighting just doesn’t do justice to the snazzy gold trim.

Let’s start it up. There isn’t that much bloatware I can complain about. It’s lightning fast and I got everything setup in about an hour. Everything I wanted uninstalled vanished, got everything I wanted on it like MS Office and setup my email. Change all the settings to what I like. Usual setup joy of buying a piece of tech.

A few days usage and I can say, the keyboard is really comfortable, but I keep whacking the equals button for backspace, the limited tactile response to key presses is also a little strange. I think that is just a case of retraining the brain. Touch pad mouse works really well. You kind of need that, cause this laptop doesn’t have a touch screen like its older relative and to plug in a mouse you need the adaptor on you. I would however, highly recommend this laptop for any writer on the go. If colour is your thing, it also comes in quartz grey and rose gold, sporting that golden edge.

Now did it pass the it doesn’t weigh a tonne test! Yes yes it did. When you add all my other belongings to my bag, it feels like I have forgotten my laptop.

After a month of agonising over the HP Spectre 13.3″ and this 12.5″ Asus Zenbook UX390UA, followed by a fortnight of agonising and finding the cheapest quote. I’m one very happy writer.




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