Writing Update – Sharing is not publishing – A sunken ship

Time for a writing update.

I have wanted to share my work with you guys for sometime. It always feels to me like here I am blogging away and tweeting. Making grandiose claims to word count or amount of writing work I am doing, without anything to back it up. So, as I said I would, I investigated with the outlets I intended to publish at, if there was a limit to what I could share with you guys.

Sadly, I got a very gentle tap on the wrist so to speak. It appears for purpose of sharing my work on here, that even extracts or voice works of the extracts count as prior publication. Which means there is no look in to being published at an already small amount of outlets to get short stories published and from what I can tell, the big publishers are pretty much the same policy. If I think about it fair enough, they need something that nobody has seen, so people will pay money to read it. I mean why pay money, if it is already free somewhere on the web.

(Naturally, yet unexpectedly, my front doorstep provided a sunken ship)

It does not mean, that I won’t in the end share with you guys. It just means that the only things that I am going to share are from work that has been knocked back by everywhere conceivable. I am working on a checklist and there might just be a few stories, I am willing to chuck up extracts from, in a few months time.

A man with a plan, as they say. I am going to in the final act, end up creating an anthology of all the works that didn’t quite make it into places of publication and probably E-Publish. Which kind of makes me feel just that little bit sad, because I don’t feel that it is the achievement of truly getting published then. Before I reach that stage, I am going to get a bit more beta reader feed back.

Anyway that’s were publishing extracts goes for me. It is off the table for now.

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