I slew a dragon.

So I slew a dragon and now here be its blood. Fresh shirazey and ready to drink. We all know dragon’s blood imparts immortality right? Right? No? Oh well I might just have to go down to the shop and get this shiraz instead, because who really wants to have fought a dragon for a drop of red.

What have we got? A bottle of 2016 shiraz from Gemtree wines,  known as Dragon’s blood.


Nose: There is a wonderful nose to it. Very fruity, a little bit of raspberry, maybe some blueberry and liquorice. A note I can’t quite pick.

Tongue:  I have found the note I can’t pick, it is a very determined olive note. Spice, black pepper. Capsicum. Definitely some sour cherry influence. I would have to say though, there is some acid in there, but the tannins (That sorta black tea flavour) are pretty smooth. I think if the acid settled down a little, you might get a lot more fruit. A surprising point is that the wine hits the tongue with a very quick finish. Evaporating, a bit like a melting moment biscuit. I want to say its medium body, but I’m finding it a lighter shiraz, gentle.

I haven’t drunk many drops from McLaren Vale in South Australia, but the olive note really reminds me of the pickle note you get in Hunter Valley wines.


So what would I say about this overall. Overall its quite a nice drop. The nose is amazing and lush. This would go absolutely amazing with lamb dishes. Perhaps Greek cuisines. Good price point, easy enough to drink. What I would like to see with this wine? I would be interested in seeing it age two to four years more. I think the acid note would drop and you would coax more of the fruity out of the wine and overall it would take the experience to that extra level.

Which sounds to me like a plan. I might buy three bottles and open them up across a few years.

Anyway, I hope you have found this review of use. I would love to hear your own experiences with this wine, feel free to comment below.

* All experience and opinions are my own, in no affiliation to any work or occupation. The wine drank I personally bought and paid for. Your experiences may also be completely different to mine, as drinks are all personal taste.

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