You do the Crime You Drink the Wine

You do the crime, you drink the wine. I think not. Fifty lashes! Any sailor to be found, to be going easy on him, shall share this fate. A small price to pay, for your 19 crimes.

Ah, but what 19 Crimes do I speak of, in this case it is a South Eastern Australian Shiraz.
It is a bit vague on were in South Eastern Australia, but you know I would hazard a guess on the state lines between New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.


Nose: You get hints of strawberry and spice. Some dark fruits, I can’t quite nail down the darker fruits, there is an overlaying sweet smell that seems to hide the other smells. Reminds me a bit of plum or strawberry jam.

Tongue: That strawberry comes through, first as a hint, then grows. It is joined by a little pepper but not in a very stand out kind of way. Plums. Coats the mouth in a surprisingly sweet way, it is smooth and balanced enough, but that sweet note keeps surprising me for a shiraz. No sign of oliveness I now equate to McLaren Vale. It’s full bodied, reminds me of a Barossa shiraz. First sip, I got a bit of acidity and tannin bite, second sip this ran away. It’s really that sugar that chased it away. Still some presence of acidity, reasonable balance if you excuse the sugar. I say this, because I was expecting something more dry.

Overall, as $12.40 goes, it has a good price point and is easy enough to drink. If you like sweet reds. I think though, the levels of sugar might hide some of the flavours in a main meal. It would compliment eating a block of chocolate or dessert. I would also consider it something to consider if you are wanting a glass of red on its own. I am not sure that it is the first thing, my palate demands when I think shiraz of this kind, but it has its own charms. If you like a sweeter red this may be for you. Hmmm…

That concludes my choice of wines by interesting names, I am next going to try a few varieties of cool climate shiraz. Price point will probably be about $15-$20. Anyway, hope you found this useful, I would love to hear from you. How does this wine wrap up for you, have you had it before? Would you recommend it to a friend or family member?Feel free to comment below.

* All experience and opinions are my own, in no affiliation to any work or occupation held. The wine drank I personally bought and paid for. Your experiences may also be completely different to mine, as drinks are all personal taste.


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