NZXT Noctis 450 – A New Era Begins

So I had a crazy adventure idea on public transport from the city to home… After much intensive research, great debate and a little hand wringing I decided on a computer case. Between the NZXT Noctis 450, NZXT Phantom 820, Corsair Graphite 760T and Corsair Crystal 570X, I finally chose to go with the Noctis 450. It’s sleek with plenty of fan space, including all the bells and whistles you would expect. Now I am getting dejavu of similar misadventures including the 25kg weight set, the cd stand from Ikea, the coffee machine and a mates weight set (I must be a masochist for weight sets).

What quickly became apparent on the way to the shop was that I was getting sick and that after I bought the case, a box fitting a 220mm X 567mm X 544mm case weighing 11kg is unwieldy in a crowd. But temperature spiking, I claimed my prize.


I should have brought the car. I should have brought the car…


So trekking through the suburb of ultimo with this box about a third of my height, I took a moments pit stop, then took on the densely packed pedestrian tunnel to the train station. A 2hr round trip and I got it home. Then the joy of opening the box began.




I have to give NZXT their due, as the case was snug as a bug in its box with its two polystyrene guardians. Neither guardian appeared to have been felled in global transportation by violent postman, courier or sheer bad luck because we all know accidents happen. Now for a better look.

I am keeping most of the plastic on because it is now time for it to go back in its box for a little while longer. I did have a quick moment of fun double checking my graphics card would fit into hard drive bay zones, but it is not quite time for my case to shine.


This entry marks the beginning of a small pc construction series, as I go along the journey of building a new gaming rig. The Noctis 450 is a foundation stone. It looks sleek and starshipesque, which fits the bill for me. This is going to be a fun little project, so hopefully, you guys can gain something out of it too.

Collected components so far:
1X NZXT Noctis 450 Case
1X EVGA 850 P2


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