Paper Boy – Concord – Brunch time!

Coffee, coffee coffee time!


I learnt about Paper Boy from one of my go to baristas at Left of Field. He was moving over there to support the café opening it in its early days. If he was moving there, there was bound to be good coffee. After chatting about the place, I got my usual takeaway and mulled it over. I got out google maps and realised it was a car trip. This was a bit too far for an excessive walk (Says the man who jogged to the city). I brought up the menu and saw a variety of tasty things. I was soon won over by the idea of tasty food and coffee. Coffee, I’m there. New or interesting food, I’m there.

Now to win over my Missus.

My Missus wasn’t too sure about the idea at first if they used the same coffee. Sadly she doesn’t like the taste of the coffee blend at the Left of Field. But I quickly explained Paper Boy would be using the paradox blend, which whilst from the same supplier, is more of an Italian style coffee blend she loves. I then started listing off menu items. Missus won over. Check.

That Sunday, we piled into the car and went on our expedition. With a warm welcome, great coffee and tasty food, it was an amazing success. I mean although it requires driving there, for me, I don’t mind. I would drive to the ends of the Earth for good coffee.


Milk Bar Burger and the dreaded chip thief caught in action. Joking aside, it normally comes with egg, but they kindly left that out for me. 



The Ruben Cuban


Another awesome thing is Paper Boy do their weekly specials, something I would love to see available on weekends.

Anyway, my Missus and I left happy and this has become a go to place for us. Definitely well worth it.

Paper Boy – Concord’s website:
Paper Boy – Concord’s Facebook:
Address: 18 Tennyson Road, Concord, NSW, Australia.

(I’m not associated with Paper Boy or any staff in anyway. All thoughts are my own personal view.)


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