I am Sebastian. I grew up in Western Australia and from about the time I’ve known it to be possible, I’ve wanted to be an author of fantasy and science fiction novels. I’ve always really loved space opera’s and high fantasy. You really get to go out and explore strange new worlds, meet fascinating characters and there’s bound to be some epic spaceships or magic along the way.

What I have really started to enjoy over the years that comes with these sub genres is the politics and diplomacy. I really find international relationships fascinating and the relationships work between countries. It’s like human relationships, except a hell of a lot more complex and with a lot more facets to it. An I mean who doesn’t love watching politicking in action and devious plots unfold or completely collapse!

Overall though, I have always loved books and reading, the dreaming and imagination is great. Books really help us to grow and be better people, help us empathise. If there is but one goal in life, I think even if I am not a famous writer. If I can get, but one more person reading a book. I think that’s something well accomplished. So hopefully I can bring a bit of the joy of reading to you.

Currently I’m not that old, not that young. Got one foot in this world, one in the next. I’m  exploring the world when I can and residing in Sydney.